Features and Functionality
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Features and Functionality


Trader Functionality

  • Trade Management
  • Trade Blotter Management
  • Customizable Trade Templates
  • Simple and Complex Trade Structuring

Trade Types Supported

Physically Settled Trades

  • Fixed
  • Floating (multiple indices)
  • Options – puts, calls, collars
  • Locational spreads (Production versus delivered zone in one trade)
  • Time spreads (storage injection and withdrawal trades in one trade)

Financially Settled Trades

  • Ability to create any simple or complex financial structure in a single trade
  • Ability to layer a financial settled trade into a physical transaction

Negotiation Management

  • Firm and Indicative Orders
  • “Held” Order Capability
  • View & Respond to Trade
  • Counteroffer
  • One Winner
  • Linked Trades/One Cancels Other
  • Trade Clock/Expiring Trades
  • Kill Trade
  • Winning Counterparty Notification

Administration/Risk Management

  • Counterparty Configuration
  • Counterparty Contracts
  • Restrictions/Counterparty Hold
  • Credit Department ability to control Counterparties
  • Management ability to kill trades
  • Trader Role Profiles (Trader, Risk Manager, etc.)
  • Trader Restrictions
  • Confirmation Configuration
  • Confirmation Delivery Independent of Trader
  • Audit Log
  • Security log

The virtual markets we create enable you to conduct:

  • illiquid trades
  • price hedging
  • physical hedging
  • cogeneration

Additionally, since we initialy target energy commodities trading (trading electricity, trading gas), you can conduct:

  • Day ahead electricity
  • Seasonal energy trades
  • Reverse auction power procurement
  • Reverse auction gas procurement