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02/20/2008 - PrivateMarkets™ Launches Revolutionary Bilateral Electronic Structured Transaction Service for Electricity and Natural Gas
02/18/2008 - Energy Trading International, Inc. Changes Name to PrivateMarkets, Inc.

PrivateMarkets™ Exhibits at LEAP Conference

New Petroleum Trading Solution Promotes Data Capture and Exchange

October 9, 2008, Boxborough, MA - PrivateMarkets, Inc. today exhibited a version of its bilateral trading platform adapted to the special issues of trading petroleum products at the Leadership for Energy Automated Processing (LEAP) Conference in New York. LEAP is an industry organization with a mission to promote efficient and reliable transaction processing within the energy trading industry by means of automation and standardization.

PrivateMarkets™, a new electronic negotiation and execution platform, designed for the special needs of energy commodities, is well-suited to automating some areas of crude and refined products trading that are done via voice or paper-based RFQ’s today. The unique Virtual Private Market™ , unlike exchanges, allows a customer to initiate a trade with known counterparties and to control what offers they respond to and accept. Using PrivateMarkets also provides significant benefits by standardizing data representation for each trade or tender between the various parties, and capturing trade information during the negotiation rather than after the fact. Industry-standard XML data representation makes integrating information from PrivateMarkets with other systems relatively easy.

“We are focused on US Wholesale Electricity as our primary market, but our underlying platform is applicable to the trading of many different commodities”, PrivateMarkets CEO, Chris Sanders, commented. “The product, which is easily adapted to new markets, may have the ability to help with one of the automation problems that LEAP is working on - eliminating paper-based transactions.”

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