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PrivateMarkets Launches Revolutionary Bilateral Electronic Structured Transaction Service for Energy

Company Plans to Establish First Operations for Power and Natural Gas

February 20, 2008, Boxborough, MA PrivateMarkets, Inc., today announced the launch of the first bilateral electronic structured transaction service designed to satisfy the unique needs of buyers and sellers of energy commodities. PrivateMarkets is ideal for those counterparties that today trade electricity or natural gas manually via phone, IM, FAX, or email because none of the electronic markets are acceptable options.

PrivateMarkets creates a patent-pending Virtual Private Market™ in which each originating trader is able to structure every trade on a custom basis, to select the counterparties from a known group with whom bilateral agreements already exist, to remain in control of the entire negotiation, and to decide which of many offers they will choose to execute. PrivateMarkets keeps a digitally-signed Audit Trail of all bids/offers leading up to an executed transaction, providing non-reputable digital record for every transaction. The result is that PrivateMarket customers benefit from an enhanced ability to communicate complex structured trades, an ability to efficiently include significantly more counterparties in each trade offer, and to significantly reduce risk over manually documented voice processes. In addition, PrivateMarkets offers its customers a way to control the trading process by allowing risk and credit managers to establish and manage individual trader limits and counterparty restrictions.

PrivateMarkets represents a significant new technology for traders of energy commodities,” said Chris Sanders, PrivateMarkets President and CEO. “For many buyers or sellers of energy today, PrivateMarkets will be the only viable alternative to inefficient voice or IM operations. PrivateMarkets improves the efficiency of a significant portion of the market and levels the playing field for many players.”

PrivateMarkets conducted a successful pilot of its service with 13 counterparties representing Municipal Utilities, Retail Electric Providers, and Primary Generators beginning in September 2007. Based on the feedback from this initial group, enhancements to PrivateMarketswere made to ready the service for production trading and this launch.

PrivateMarkets operates on a flexible business model under which a transaction fee is only charged to the originator of executed trades, making joining PrivateMarkets a no-cost decision. There is no monthly seat fee and no charges for those who respond to offers originated by others.

The company plans to focus initially on the Texas power market and then expand to include natural gas and other regions for both power and Natural gas.

About PrivateMarktets, Inc.

PrivateMarkets, Inc. is the leading provider of bilateral electronic structured transaction solutions for energy commodities. PrivateMarkets™ brings the power of an electronic trading platform to those segments of the market that otherwise find no acceptable alternative to voice trading via phone, email, FAX, or IM. Its unique, patent-pending Virtual Private Market™ allows traders to electronically create a private marketplace of known counterparties and structure each trade to match their specific needs. Unlike exchanges, PrivateMarkets does not impose business conditions on existing counterparty bilateral contractual relationships. PrivateMarkets is a private company backed by Amphion Innovations plc, a publicly-held company (LSE; AMP.L) that creates, operates and finances life science and technology companies in partnership with corporations, governments, universities and entrepreneurs. The Company was founded in 2007 as Energy Trading International, and changed is name to PrivateMarkets in early 2008 to better reflect the nature of its product and markets.

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