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PrivateMarkets™ Introduces Ancillary Services Trading

Will Create an Efficient and Effective Marketplace for These Essential Services

February 1, 2009, Boxborough, MA - PrivateMarkets, Inc. today announced that it has released a new version of its wholesale electricity service that adds the trading of Ancillary Services. These services are necessary to support the transmission of electric power from the seller to the purchaser and are negotiated separately from the primary power transactions. These new capabilities have been added to the powerful PrivateMarkets structured bilateral trading platform for all customers in the ERCOT region. The company estimates that about 36,000,000 MWh of ancillary services are purchased each year in ERCOT.

“To our knowledge, there is no electronic platform for the trading of ancillary services available today”, according to Chris Sanders, CEO of PrivateMarkets. “Our customers asked for this capability during our early previews and we have responded. PrivateMarkets offers a much more effective and efficient solution to meet the Ancillary Services needs of our customers.”

PrivateMarkets customers can negotiate and execute physical and financial trades for power, natural gas and ancillary services all on one trade blotter. The solution allows the front, middle and back office to access complete transaction information – not just execution data – all on one screen.

PrivateMarkets is an electronic negotiation and execution marketplace designed specifically for the unique requirements of direct, party-to-party bilateral trading of shaped and customer block physical or OTC financial commodities. Our product benefits customers by bringing the effectiveness, efficiency, capture, and control aspects of an electronic solution to a trading process that today is still conducted manually via phone, IM, fax, or email. It does this with unique, patent-pending technology which creates a Virtual Private Market™ that doesn’t impose unwanted change to the way our customers do business today.

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