Amphion Innovations website
Amphion Innovations (LSE: AMP) Amphion Innovations (LSE: AMP) builds shareholder value in high growth companies in the medical and technology sectors, by using a focused, hands-on company building approach, based on decades of experience in both the US and UK.

Amphion has significant shareholding in 8 Partner Companies developing proven technologies targeting substantial commercial marketplaces, each in excess of $1 billion. Each Partner Company is chosen with the goal of achieving an exit valuation in excess of $100 million.

Amphion also has two specialized entities, MSA Holding, a joint venture intended to replicate the Amphion model in the Gulf, and DataTern, Inc., established to exploit IP opportunities within the Company's Partner Companies.


FireStar Software website
FireStar Software is the provider of EdgeNode, the leading InterEnterprise Service Bus software product for building software applications that automate the exchange of business transactions between companies that are business partners – buyers, sellers, suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and distributors. FireStar’s EdgeNode expands the market for these applications by directly addressing key obstacles to broader adoption at a significantly lower price point than alternative approaches.

EdgeNode is totally focused on multi-enterprise business automation, incorporating innovative, patented technology that makes the differences between enterprise systems transparent, and transaction exchange secure, private, and highly adaptable to change.

EdgeNode is unique as a software-only product that implements a fully distributed architecture, optimized for Internet deployment, capable of distributing transaction processing and data storage to the edge of the solution, under the control of each business trading partner. This gives EdgeNode significant advantages over traditional hub-and-spoke solutions in data privacy, transaction anonymity, scaling, and life-cycle management.

The PrivateMarkets service is based on FireStar's EdgeNode product.